Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors

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  • Adventure
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  • PlayStation 4
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  • Xbox Series X
  • Developer:
  • Dontnod Entertainment
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  • Square Enix

Square Enix’s episodic adventure series Life is Strange is set to make its grand return later this year. Centring on an all-new protagonist complete with her own set of reality-bending powers, Life is Strange: True Colors will see players explore the fictional location of Haven Springs after her adopted brother Gabe is mysterious killed. It promises the same amount of emotional storytelling present in Life is Strange 1 + 2, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Life is Strange: True Colors tells the story of a young Asian-American woman Alex Chen, who has the psychic ability to feel other people’s emotion. This she will use in order to get to the bottom of the surrounding mystery, retracing Gabe’s steps while navigating emotional auras. The latter is portrayed in-game as abstract colour waves (hence the name).

An all-new chapter in the Life is Strange universe, coming to Xbox, PS4 and PS5

True Colors marks the very first time that the Life is Strange franchise has launched on a next-gen console. And while the basic bones of Deck Nine’s episodic game template is still in full effect, players on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X should notice a big step up in visuals. Such extra ‘oomph’ will bring you closer to True Colors’ beautiful setting of Haven Springs.

Life is Strange True Colours Alex

Shape Alex’s story using dialogue trees

The story in True Colors might already be laid out, but how you communicate and react to Haven Springs’ inhabitants can it change course slightly. This lends the game much more replayability than some other story-driven games. Making a choice is as simple as choosing the desired option on any conversational dialogue trees that pop up.

Life is strange True Colours - powers

Feel the emotion of NPCs using colourful auras

Whereas previous Life is Strange titles have given you powers such as rewinding time and telekinesis. Alex Chung, however, has powers that will let her feel the emotions of anyone she talks to. It’s officially known as “psychic empathy” in the game, and plays a vital role in letting Alex bend the thoughts of people to her will. Use the power wisely.

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