LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

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  • Developer:
  • TT Fusion
  • Publisher:
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • 26th February 2019

Join Emmett, Wyldstyle, Batman and friends on their journey to piece the universe’s LEGO pieces back together again, reliving the events of the new movie in a fun-filled interactive adventure shaped in the LEGO game mould. The city of Bricksberg lies in ruins, wrecked as a result of the recent DUPLO invasion which has rendered the landscape a literal wasteland. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, all that’s needed is to scour the LEGO galaxy in search of Relics and Master Pieces.

LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game features an eclectic cast of over 100 characters to unlock, from fan-favourites like Rex Dangervest and Unikitty to more obscure characters like Aquaman. Odds are if there’s a location or character from the movie, LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game will likely drop you into it at some point while traversing through the Systar System.

You’ll bash, smash and crash your way through each level, collecting studs and collectibles that can then be used to purchase a suite of cosmetic and ability rewards. LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game ups the combat compared to previous LEGO titles, however, featuring combos that let you unleash a special build attack that’s specific for each character.

You’ve seen the movie, now experience the game in LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game

Picking up LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game affords players the chance to experience the story of the movie in an entirely new fashion. You get to poke around the areas, levels and locations only passingly glanced in the film – and each can now be fully explored with their own secrets, collectibles and hidden items. Journey into space, discover new worlds, and give your Master Building abilities to the test in LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game.

100 unique unlockable characters

The LEGO games are known for giving you plenty to do, meaning that it’s more important than ever to have a wide character list to do it with. All the front-facing favourites like Emmet, Batman and Wyldstyle are here, but so are a vast number of more niche characters that each come with their own unique abilities. Getting into every world’s hidden rooms will require a specific skill, meaning that there’s still plenty to discover after playing through the story mode.

Lego Movie 2 video game unlockable characters

Lego Movie 2 video game explore worlds

A Systar system full of brave new worlds

The LEGO Batman game had Gotham City, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers had New York, but in LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game you’re given an entire galaxy of worlds to explore. Iconic locations include both those from the LEGO Movie 2 as well as some from the first film. Each is stacked with studs to smash and collectibles to find, with LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game representing the series’ most varied series of explorable locations yet.

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