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Originally starting out as a faithful spin-off from the mainline TOCA series, GRID sped its way onto the gaming scene in 2008 – and now, over 10 years later, the franchise returns with a full-on reboot set to set every driving enthusiast’s pulse racing. Iconic cars have never looked or felt better to control than in this new 2019 version of GRID

Pitching itself as “a racing experience like no other”, the new GRID places explicit focus on letting you choose your own path to success during every race. It’s one of the most creative ways to conquer the world of motorsport than most other racing franchises, letting you get behind the wheel of both classic and modern cars

Race ahead of the competition in the GRID world series

Thrilling wheel-to-wheel track battles are a regular occurrence in the world of GRID. Not only are you challenged with coming first in every heat, but you’ll be forced to deal with the incredibly competitive racing AI or other real-life drivers if playing online. Putting pedal to the metal is no longer about learning the track, but your opponents as well.

All new circuits and all new car brands

The 2019 interpretation of GRID features an eclectic mix of the old and new, offering racers a happy helping of modern cars, like the Nissan Skyline GT-R and Ferrari 488 GTE, as well as classic vehicles. This also stretches to the type of circuits available to race on too, however, with Cuba’s Havana being a particular highlight. It’s the home to twisty streets, roaring crowds and more – so it offers quite the thrill.

Weather dynamics keep you second-guessing

As the first proper entry to hit PS4 and Xbox One, GRID uses the extra horsepower found with this generation’s consoles to step up the visually fidelity of graphics. Locations, cars and even the crowds look much better than before, but this also translates to GRID’s new weather effects that can now affect gameplay. Is it raining? Swap your tyres. You’ll appreciate the added grip.

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