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  • Available Platforms:
  • PlayStation 4
  • Developer:
  • Media Molecule
  • Publisher:
  • Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)
  • Age Rating:
  • Twelve

From the makers of Tearaway and the Little Big Planet series comes Dreams, an inventive creation platform that puts the power to make games firmly in the hands of players. Odds are that if you can think it you can make in Dreams, with the tools included being extremely advanced to use but simple to understand. It’s one of the most ambitious “games” ever released on PS4 and challenges you what your Dreams made of.

Though by no means essential, Dreams remains fully compatible with PlayStation 4’s Move controllers. Using these you can guide and form specific shapes and sizes, creating original characters and worlds then create your own game around. Game-making platforms have existed before, but the ethos behind Dreams is to make it more intuitive than it’s ever been. Moreover, when you’re done you can upload levels and created items and share them with others.

The perfect platform to create your own game

It isn’t just 2D or 3D games that Dreams provides the tools for, either. Oh no. Chances are, that if you have a particular style or genre in game in mind that Dreams offers the means for you to create it. It might take a little time and patience, but there’s a near endless number of possibilities waiting for you to make use of. From first-person shooters to puzzle-platformers, all of it is possible with Dreams on PS4.

Since Dreams has been playable via Early Access in the weeks leading up to release, players have already proved just how robust the platform is by recreating notable experiences. Iconic locations like Hyrule Field and Dead Space’s USG Ishimura have been made and uploaded by the most determined of creators, but in addition to these there’s a wide swathe of original happenings already waiting for those that pick Dream up on official release.

Game-making tools where collaboration is key

The great thing about Dreams is that you don’t need to be a creator that’s good at everything. Let’s say you want to focus strictly on cars, you can. But what happens when you need a character to drive that car, or an environment to drive that car through? Simply grab either of those things from the selection of player creations available from the server. Soon enough, you’ll have the whole world working together on each other’s games.

Dreams dark

Dreams story

Three single player campaigns

Despite Dreams being primarily creation focused, developer Media Molecule have also included three diverse single-player campaigns made using its tools to prove what the platform can achieve. All three are wildly different styles, shifting from third to first person and interweaving with each other to form a wider experience. Absolutely everything you play has been made in-engine.

PlayStation Move support

It might take a little while to get used to, but Dreams allows PS4 players to make use of their PS Move controllers for a lot more than just PSVR games. Using these motion-controlled wands you’ll be able to more accurately sculpt and mould in-game assets than if you were just doing so using a standard Dualshock 4 gamepad. PlayStation Move support in Dreams means even just a slight twist of the wrist can make all the difference.

PlayStation Move

Dreams adventure

A digital playground where anything is possible

Dreams is unlike anything that’s been attempted before within the wide world of video games, bestowing the creative tools usually reserved for developers to players themselves. It’s more of an ongoing platform that will continue to grow and be supported rather a mere standalone game, with it pretty much guaranteed to arrive on PS5 soon after its launch.

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