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  • Atomic Edition
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  • Genre:
  • Role-playing (RPG)
  • Developer:
  • Experiment 101
  • Publisher:
  • THQ Nordic
  • Release Date:
  • 30th June 2018
  • Age Rating:
  • 12

An open-world action RPG unlike any other, Biomutant is the first game from new Swedish developer Experiment 101, which largely consists of ex-Avalanche Studio staff with previous experience working on such games as Just Cause, Mad Max and Renegade Ops. You take control of the titular Biomutant, upgrading yourself using a series of mechanical body parts to become the ultimate apex predator with a highly toxic open world landscape.

Luckily, Biomutant looks set to merge martial arts fighting with satisfying shooting and unique mutation powers. All three of which combine to let players indulge in a unique take on open-world combat not too often seen, offering up enough variety to make the world of Biomutant their playground. Powers can be upgraded and swapped out for others at any time, allowing the game to cater to a multitude of different play styles.

Biomutant is a third-person open-world RPG with a mutated racoon at the centre

If you’re a gamer that finds the constant flurry of grizzly action hero stereotypes quite tiresome, Biomutant aims to remedy this by letting you take control of a raccoon-like creature in a world full of mutated animals. These creatures around you can be hunted down and killed for mechanical parts you can then use to upgrade the titular character, ready to take on whatever the rest of the dangerous world has in store. It’s your very own customisable Rocket Raccoon!

Built-in Karma system to give your decisions weight

The world of Biomutant features an ensemble cast of characters in which you can build relationships and alliances for the greater good of the world. At certain points, dialogue options and decisions let you branch the story into different directions, thanks to a karma system that allows you to tread the good path or the bad path. What kind of Biomutant will you be?

Biomutant customisation

Bio-mechanical body parts that helps maintain variety

Nobody’s biomutant will be exactly the same thanks to the game’s notable swappable body part mechanic that helps players adapt the character to a build that fits their exact style of play. Will you be stealthy, aggressive or somewhere in between? Robotic legs, wings and claws are all up for grabs over this journey, which can then be used against specific enemies and to get to tricky locations.

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