Cheap PlayStation FUT Point Deals

Cheap PlayStation FUT Point Deals

Browse 21 deals on PS4 and PS5 FUT points from the UK’s biggest retailers, starting from just £3.50. Never miss cheap FUT points again; we compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

from £3.50

Compare 21 deals
FIFA 21 500 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
5 deals from £3.50
FIFA 21 750 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
5 deals from £5.29
FIFA 21 1050 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
5 deals from £6.79
FIFA 21 1600 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
6 deals from £10.03
FIFA 21 2200 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
5 deals from £13.44
FIFA 21 4600 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
4 deals from £26.19
FIFA 21 12000 FUT Points Pack - PlayStation UK
4 deals from £64.62

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team, or ‘FUT’ as it is commonly called, refers to FIFA 21’s online play division where players can build their ultimate team comprised of current football stars and renowned legends. Winning leagues lets you win coins, which can then be used to buy better players or take a punt on a FUT pack that will contain random players. The best way to think of FIFA Ultimate Team is to picture it almost like a digital version of filling up a World Cup sticker album, only it’s purely digital.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Content Grid Image

FIFA points: Build your Ultimate Team quickly

Of course, you can always purchase more players for your Ultimate Team using coins won in league games, as mentioned, but another route is to buy the FUT points outright. These can be bought in several currency amounts, ranging from 500 to 12000, and is the quickest way to expand the player base of your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 FUT Points PS4

The best FUT point prices from around the web

While you can always purchase FUT points from the PlayStation store (PS4) or Microsoft store (Xbox One) directly, you’ll struggle to find a better price than those available around the internet. Popular UK retailers like ShopTo, CD Keys and even GAME regularly discount the price of FUT points, making the act of purchasing new Ultimate Team players cheaper as well as quicker.

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