Xbox One S Sea of Thieves bundle leaked

Microsoft are certainly committed to the concept of console and games bundled together. While the PS4 and Nintendo Switch continue to do a good proportion of their business through 'solus' consoles (i.e. those with no bundled game), it's becoming increasingly tricky to even find an Xbox One S that doesn't come with a game included.

Last week, we brought you the news that we'll be getting a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds bundle later this month. This will sit alongside the numerous bundles that are already in current circulation, including several versions of Forza Horizon 3, Rocket League, multiple Minecraft bundles and Assassin's Creed: Origins. You can see a full list of the available bundles over on our Xbox One page. Now, we've got another bundle to tell you about, courtesy of a leak on Amazon (via Resetera).

In this leaked bundle, you'll get:

  • 1TB Xbox One S
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Standard white Xbox One controller
  • 1 month of Xbox Live
  • 1 month subscription to the Game Pass service

Microsoft have a lot riding on Sea of Thieves. The most common criticism of the Xbox One currently is its lack of killer exclusives when compared to the PlayStation and Switch. Sea of Thieves is one of its big attempts to address that issue. The closed beta was well received by the thousands who tried out an early form of the game, and the feeling is that the MMO could be perfect for tempting people towards the Xbox One. After all, if someone's friends are all playing the title, the One is the only console to go for.

Sea of Thieves controller

Microsoft have already acknowledged the potential by releasing a very nice Sea of Thieves-themed controller, which isn't included in this leaked bundle. The omission may appear odd, but it's likely as Microsoft want the new bundle to appeal to as many people as possible. The controller is intended for those particularly invested in Sea of Thieves, most of whom will already own an Xbox.

A slightly more puzzling decision is the fact that the bundle only comes with 1 month of Xbox Live. As a predominately online game, it's a surprise that Microsoft didn't follow the example they set with the Rocket League bundle and include a 3 month subscription at least.

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