Xbox One's October 2014 update is now live. Updates friends, snap, TV and more.

By Tom Stowe

Microsoft have begun rolling out numerous changes as part of their now monthly update policy. The Xbox One was famously criticised for its policies when first announced at last years E3, however Microsoft are to be commended on their frequent rollouts as they strive to bring their fledgling console inline with the competition.

So what's on the agenda this month?

Updates to Snap

Snap has been updated with additional apps in order to make multi-tasking on the console as seamless as possible. New features include snappable Friends & Messages apps, as well as Game DVR multitasking functionality. There are also now clock and battery indicators within the snapped panels.

Accessing Snap has also seen a tweak, with users now able to double tap the Guide button on their controller to bring up the Snap menu; A much needed feature seeing as the kinect is no longer a minimum requirement.

Friends & Achievements

The fully fledged Friends app has seen some minor improvements as well, offering a greater insight in to you and your friends recent activity, including popular games, Gamerscore leaderboards and recent achievements.

The Achievements app itself now lets you more easily compare your achievements with that of your friends and the ability to share achievements you've unlocked.

TV & Media

In what is sure to be a boon for anyone using the One as a media centre, the integrated media player now has DLNA streaming and MKV support, allowing users to stream music, photos and videos direct to the console from any compatible device.

OneGuide has also been updated to offer a mini-guide at the bottom of the screen whilst you're browsing channels. as well as a much improved TV setup experience and device detection.

Accessory Management

A cool feature also rolling out this month is the ability to access currently connected devices and controllers via the Settings app, allowing you to update accessory firmware on the fly, and (finally!) find your controller should you have misplaced it by making it vibrate.

It's another solid update for Microsoft, as their console becomes increasingly competitive with each passing month. Have you downloaded the update yet? What are you hoping will come under the microscope next?

Let us know in the comments below!

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