Xbox One price to drop below £200

By Tom Stowe

Microsoft is set to drop the price of the Xbox One to £199.99 this week as part of a flash sale, marking the first time that the Xbox One console has been priced less than £200 by its parent company. 

Just weeks after the official announcement of the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio at E3, the Microsoft Store will be offering a Xbox One 500GB with FIFA 16, a free game and a £10 Xbox Live card for just £199.99, as well as a number of other Xbox One deals.

The build-up to E3 and the subsequent announcement of the Xbox One S caused the price of the Xbox One to fluctuate across online retailers. However, many are speculating that this price drop is Microsoft’s first step in phasing out the original Xbox One, with the hope that Xbox One S will be the big seller this Christmas.

While not a permanent price drop, the flash sale price could prove to be an indication of what we can expect the Xbox One to be priced at when the Xbox One S is released in August.

Phil Jones of Console Deals, said, “This latest price cut from Microsoft reaffirms their intent to stay competitive in the UK console market despite losing ground to the PlayStation 4 early in their life cycle. £199 for either current-gen console - especially bundled with a AAA title such as FIFA 16 - is a very appealing price. 

Microsoft was insistent throughout E3 on the message that ‘nobody will be left behind…’ responding to calls that current console owners would be frozen out when Project Scorpio is released. Xbox Services GM Dave McCarthy said, “Will there be a range that developers will take advantage of in Scorpio? Absolutely, that's going to be a developer choice. But, on our devices, all of your games are going to work. Period. We made that promise today: those games will work across the whole line-up. They have to work across the whole line-up.1

Coupled with announcements of Xbox Play Anywhere and cross-platform play at E3, it’s clear that Microsoft is building an ecosystem similar to that of PC, where game developers can target a wide range of resolutions and frame rates and console owners can join the community and play against each other regardless of what machine they are on.

With Microsoft giving a definitive outline of their future plans, surely a £199 Xbox One is too good to miss out on?

Update: The move has seen retailers respond fast, with ShopTo’s eBay store announcing the same deal for even less, just £189.99!

Update 23/6/16: A number of retailers have now responded to the price shift, GAME are offering the same bundle but with a wireless controller for £199.99.