Xbox One Forza Hot Wheels bundle now available

By Matt Clough

The holiday period is almost upon us, and the big three console manufacturers - Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony - are starting to show their hands. The PS4 will be launching a new hard bundle with FIFA 2018 (as we predicted), leaving the Xbox with a slot to fill.

Microsoft have today revealed exactly what one of those bundles will be; Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels. The standard Forza Horizon 3 bundle has been a perennial best seller for the system, with the game remaining one of the Xbox One's most popular titles. However, it's now over a year old, so an update makes sense.

The bundle will contain an Xbox One S 500GB (there's been no word on a 1TB version yet), a digital copy of Forza Horizon 3 and the Hot Wheels DLC that launched earlier this year in May.

The Hot Wheels expansion offers drivers a chance to embrace a Micro Machines-esque racing style, with huge Hot Wheels tracks being placed within the rolling Australian landscapes and crowded, steel-and-glass skyscrapers.

It appears that Microsoft have been tempted to follow the lead of Sony's recent gold and silver PS4 releases, which packaged with two gamepads rather than the usual one. The Hot Wheels bundle would have been a good opportunity to do so, given the game's suitability as a party game.

Given the Hot Wheels bundle is more of an update to an existing hard bundle, don't be surprised if there are further bundles to come from Microsoft. There's so far no word on whether the Hot Wheels bundle will sit alongside the existing Forza Horizon 3 bundle, or whether it will eventually replace it.