Xbox 720 Rumours

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Last week I was here writing about the possibilities of the Playstation 4 coming out in 2012 that has inevitably sparked a rumour that the new Xbox 360 codenamed Xbox 720 may well be on its way too! Considering Nintendo and Sony took E3 by storm this year each showing off a new console, the PS Vita and the Nintendo WiiU. Microsoft seemed only to offer a number of upcoming titles for the Xbox Kinect and a few Xbox only games.

Already in Development

A series of job listings that was spotted by Beyond3D which included three posts as Senior Architect and Performance Engineer for the Xbox Console Archtecture Group, a Senior Hardware Design Verification Engineer and a Graphics Hardware Architect quoted “Responsible for defining and delivering next-generation console architectures from conception through implementation.” The Xbox 360 has been around since its launch in 2005 which came out 4 years after the launch of the original Xbox in 2002. So it sounds promising that a new Xbox could indeed be on its way next year.

Crytek have also announced that they are developing a new Time Splitters game and that the announcement of the Xbox 720 will most likely be within 12 months, hinting on a 2012 E3 Roll out.

What can we expect from a 720?

We can expect a massive boost in power and hardware technology from the 360 that is a guarantee and according to the legendary John Carmack, who told Eurogamer that the next generation of consoles will be 10x as powerful! There is alot of talking about the new console using IBM processors and AMD GPU’s based on rumours from E3 2011.

Here is some concepts of what the console may look like

Xbox 720 concept