Xbox 720 Microsoft leak

By Tom | | 994 |

The next generation console has been given a name! The XBOX 720!? We didn’t see that coming! Well it is going to be packed with the latest hardware and software and apparently will be released fall of 2013, all this comes from a leaked document that turned up on Scribd but has since been removed.

A 56 page document titled “XBOX 720-9-24 Checkpoint Draft 1” and revealed a mass of details about the technology and technical specifications of Microsoft’s next console. Whoever prepared the presentation stated that Microsoft should start at £190 and be bundled with an inbuilt kinect sensor. Whilst the release date seems pretty legitimate as Microsooft stated that we wouldn’t see a new XBOX before 2013, the price seems a little low for a brand new console.

The document stated the limitations of the current xbox system and stated the next-gen console will include Blu-ray, Video acceleration, power states, and Native 3D and four player Kinect tracking. A new dashboard that will will offer next-gen service experiences, a TV app store and plenty more. The repeated reference to “next-gen” does make me question the source as its not much like Microsoft or major companies to repeat the phrase as it is disliked hugely in the Gaming community.

The Future is Fortalez

The most interesting and revolutionary feature was the inclusion of a brand new project codenamed “Fortaleza” that appears to be an augmented reality pair of glasses that will be coming out after the release. the glasses will get cell radio and 4g network and it looks like Microsoft plan to turn them into a mini console that servers as a mobile hub for XBOX content.

The rumours had gone quiet especially after E3 and their was no unveiling or surprise from Microsoft regarding the next XBOX. The document doesn’t confirm any of our suspicions but it does give a directive in the way Microsoft is moving in the future, Let us know what you think to the XBOX 720 leaked Documents? Will it be as successful as the XBOX 360?