XBOX 360 New Dashboard

By Tom | | 641 |

The latest update to the XBOX 360 brought about a complete rework of the Dashboard and its content. The XBOX 360 has been partnered up with some big Companies including: ESPN, EPIX movies, Bravo, HBO Go, Crackle, SyFy, Manga, UFC, Vevo, Xfinity, MSN with MSNBC, NBC’s Today Show, and Verizon’s FIOS TV.

The Latest Dashboard has helped transform the XBOX into a media Hub much more similar to its competitor the Sony PS3, the update has brought a lot to the table for 360 Owners demonstrating the possibilities of Smart TV’s of the future.

A big appeal of the Xbox is the Kinect. The upgraded interface integrates with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, turning your voice into a remote control giving you full control to navigate your XBOX using just your voice. Compared to the PS3 “Move” the XBOX is a much more advanced and has plenty more features.

Over the last few days many gamers have been having trouble getting on to XBOX live and has caused much frustration for users. Microsoft are working hard to fix the problem however they say, Best grab your Christmas board games!

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