Xbox 360 Kinect ready consoles

By On 24th August, 2010

New sales of the Kinect-“ready” Microsoft XBox 360, have created a record market share for the company, and are increasing anticipation levels across the country, and Europe, for the release of it’s new motion-sensing controller-less gaming technology Kinect, on November 10th.

This is a majorly important time in the marketplace for Microsoft, with the launch of Kinect, to directly compete with Nintendo Wii and other technology in the area, but also Xbox being launched on Windows Phone 7.

“We are bringing the Kinect experience to Europe for the first time at gamescom because this is the biggest show in the region and we’re committed to investing in Europe and the critical role it plays in the Microsoft XBox 360 global success,” said Microsoft’s European Xbox boss, Chris Lewis.

“With Kinect, YOU become the controller, giving you the choice in how you and your friends navigate entertainment and gaming experiences.

Microsoft has timed the release date, a week later than the release onto the American market, to allow consumers plenty of time to purchase for the Christmas holidays.

Tom Stowe

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