Xbox 360 Kinect prices - how much will it be?

By Tom Stowe

Since the announcement of its development, there has been great debate over what the cost may be on its launch, of the Microsoft Kinect Xbox 360 and the 360 S model.

Well, the newly-announced recommended price for the 360 S version of the Microsoft xBox is a very reasonable £149.99.

The much-anticipated release date for the Microsoft Kinect, the hands-free motion control system was announced very recently as November 10th in the UK.  It is a touch expensive, retailing at £129.99, which includes Kinect Adventures. It looks a little on the pricey side, but thankfully customers should they wish, can bundle together the 360S and the Kinect for a total package price of £249.99.  This is actually a pretty good deal, and will save customers somewhere in the region of £25 to £30.

Another thing worth mentioning, is that several large supermarkets in the UK are offering up deals on Microsoft equipment. For example, Argos will give you 3 games for £10 when you purchase the 360S 250GB, which is an excellent deal.

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