Xbox 360 Doubles PS3 Sales In November

By Tom Stowe

The busiest period for Christmas orders has come and gone for another year and we have seen some great deals on console and there are still some great bargains to be bought! Throughout November the XBOX 360 dominated the console market according to sales analyst Wedbush Morgan, who said the Xbox 360 sold more units than Nintendo Wii and Doubled Sony PlayStation 3 Sales!

The Xbox 360 according to Michael Pachter sold 1.44 million units last month, which led to an increase in its year-to-year take by 5%. The number of Wii's sold dropped by 17% selling only 1.05 million units and the PlayStation 3 sold 450000 units a 41% increase from last years period sales record.

The biggest boost in sales came during the Black Friday which where Microsoft sold over 750,000 Kinect units and 960,000 Consoles.

Although the console sales look very promising Pachter continued on to say "The crowded release schedule triggered competitive behavior, with more marketing spending than we have seen in past Novembers, and we think that the huge marketing push from publishers and competitive retail climate could help sales throughout December."

If you missed out on Black Friday Week, don't despair as there are still some Unbelievable Xbox 360 Deals and PS3 Deals. Or if you fancy something a little smaller check out the brilliant 3DS Deals.
So what do you think? Which console would you prefer?

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