Wii U Sales So Far

By Tom | | 689 |

Predicting the volume of any newly launched games console that will sell in a given time period is a task surpassed only in complexity by quantum mechanics. The variables that need to be taken into account are anything but straightforward and when the world economy is waving a white flag, anything can happen.

So how have Nintendo fared since the launch of the Wii U? Well, things haven’t worked out exactly to plan but I don’t think we need to send a food parcel just yet as net profits are still forecast to be 14 billion Yen (£97 million).

The modest UK sales figure in the first week (around 40,000) must be disappointing for Nintendo and this poor start has caused them to drop their projected sales figures for the end of March 2013 by 1.5 million units from 5.5 million to 4 million. All we have to do is multiply this figure by the retail price and it’s soon obvious Nintendo are going to have to answer some awkward questions from their shareholders.