Wii Remote Plus - release dates

By Tom Stowe

Gaming guru, Nintendo have announced current plans to release the Wii Remote Plus, which will incorporate the Wii Remote with the Wii MotionPlus  into a single peripheral.  Good news for newcomers  to the Wii! . Although Nintendo have yet to set a release date for the Wii RemotePlus it will no doubt prove a massive hit when it's available.  We're lucky in Europe as we'll be the first to receive the new gizmo on November 5th, launched in a blaze of fireworks for sure!

The new Wii Remote Plus comes in four distinct colouers, namely black, pink, blue and white.

Other exciting Nintendo news is that they've kicked of the Experience Nintendo Tour.  The ‘Experience Nintendo Tour’ is currently in full swing across the United States, showcasing its latest home and portable consoles, as well as its latest games releases to selected markets across the country. New titles include Kirby’s Epic Yam, Wii Party and Donkey Kong Country Returns, set to hit the shelves in time for Christmas, and from the sound of sneak reviews already, they won’t disappoint.

Release dates for the following titles on the Wii include:

Wii Party                                                                                              October 3rd


Kirby’s Epic Yam                                                                           October 17th


Donkey Kong Country Returns                                           November 21st


And for the DS systems:


Art Academy                                                                                     October 25th


Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini -Land Mayhem!        November 14th


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