White PS4 Pro Leaks

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Exclusive – spotted by the Console-Deals.com feed system.

Though black has been the go-to standard colour for PlayStation owners since the system’s second iteration, the PS2, white alternatives have proved consistently popular. We’ve had the white PS4 Slim for a good while now, and based on our own sales figures, it’s almost as popular as the black version.

Since launching last year, the PS4 Pro has been only available in a very narrow set of options, including bundles and colour schemes. In fact, the only significant deviation from the black colour scheme that we’ve seen so far was the Destiny 2 bundle that launched earlier this year, with a white version of the console and a special Destiny-themed controller. We’re also getting a Battlefront 2 edition in the coming weeks.

White PS4 Pro with controller

With all this in mind, it was a matter of time before a white Pro became available to buy on its own. Now, a leak from Smyths Toys has confirmed the console’s existence. Smyths’ page lists the console as being available from the 7th of November. This is a significant date in the gaming calendar, with Microsoft’s Pro competitor, the Xbox One X launching.

If you’re in the market for a high powered gaming console, the colour is likely not to be your main concern. It’s hard to imagine Microsoft losing much sleep about the date clash of the two consoles. Nonetheless, it’s a cheeky move by Sony.

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the big unknowns of this holiday period is what Sony will do with the Pro’s price. It’s unlikely that they’ll slash it, as doing so would be an admittance that the Pro can’t pretend to compete with the X in terms of power. However, they may well push some smaller discounts to the Pro’s £349.99 RRP to effectively undercut the One X, which will retail for around £100 more.

It wouldn’t be a huge shock if Sony did announce a price drop on the Pro. Now, with the white Pro incoming, perhaps they could announce both together – on the day of the One X launch. Whatever they do, you can find all the latest and greatest PS4 deals at Console Deals.

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