Whats In Store At E3 This Year?

By Tom | | 633 |

2011’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is just around the corner, With leading computer and video game companies and a huge number of exhibitors we can expect lots from this years show in LA on the 7-9th of June. With some great technology expected including Project cafe from Nintendo, the Next-generation-portable from Sony and the Kinect 2.0 from Microsoft this years E3 is set up to be one of the best.

Some of the most anticipated titles are going to be shown off at this years E3 and here is just a few of them!

Battlefield 3

With support from the FrostBite 2 Engine, the latest battlefield promises to make you feel the impacts of bullets, explosions and falling debris in the most visually spectacular way. As well as relentless vehicle warfare including fighter jets and many more land, air and sea vehicles.

Gears Of War 3

The Brutal and Gory Gears of War is back, after a number of disappointed fans shunned Gears of War 2 for its Multiplayer “afterthought” approach, the word is that GoW 3 is going to have some Epic Online Scenarios aswell an enthralling campaign.

Dead Island

Here is one I am very excited about, a Melee-crazy action RPG, When Holiday makers become stranded on an island of bloody zombie tourists. The Co-op Drop in and Out online for up to four players with players levelling up one of four playable characters, with access to crafting benches to make some brutal weapons with a “world of warcraft” style crafting system.

These Are Just a few of the games we can expect to see at E3 This year, for more details about the exhibitors this year you can check out the E3 Expo website out.

No Valve?!

For some sad news now, the much loved studio behind half-life, portal and left 4 dead will not be showing any new titles at this years E3. Lets not forget Valves stunt last year though, when they cancelled there planned event only to hear GLaDOS interrupt one of sonys press conference’s! We can only hope for another suprise from valve!

Here at console-deals.com we are very excited for E3 and will be following all the action online.