What to expect at E3 2012

By Tom Stowe

Well E3 on June 5th 7th is fast approaching and there is always a exciting buzz in the air on surround speculation of new games and console releases and this year is to be no different. So what can we expect from the high rollers?


Nintendo are expected to really run the show with them officially being the only company to have a new Console to show off this year. The Nintendo Wii U bundles together a HD Console with a tablet styled controller. We are not quite sure what to expect from the Wii U yet, it was announced at last year’s E3 but had very little support or software so we are still unsure of just what it can do.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Myamoto unveiled that a new Pikmin game will be shown at E3 and a new Super Mario. Keen not to make a similar mistake to when the 3ds was launched of not having enough games on the platform Nintendo seem to be aiming both games for the release of the Nintendo Wii U at the end of the year. Apparently the Pikmin 3 game was held back because Miyamoto think it would work particularly well in HD.

It is unusual for Nintendo to announce what they will be showing at E3 so hopefully we can expect some big surprises from them in June!


Microsoft have come out and smashed rumours about a next generation console at E3 from themselves. So what have they got in there sack of goodies? Well speculation suggests that they may reveal a new cross-platform music service that will replace its Zune software, currently code-named “Woodstock.”

Reportedly the service will be playable from a browser to a number of platforms including: windows 8, android, IOs and XBOX Consoles. With no need for browser plugins and could include a facebook integration perhaps similar to that of Spotify.

The centre piece of Microsoft’s E3 conference though is going to be master chief. Halo 4 on XBOX 360 is going to be as big as ever and as one of the most popular gaming franchises on XBOX 360 we can all look forward to plenty of Halo game play trailers and reveals!

Microsoft is also set to be the first company to take the
stage at E3 this year!


So Whilst Microsoft set the bar on the opening day, Sony plan to go out with a bang on the last day. Sony have also crushed the rumours of a Playstation 4 being announced this year and have insisted that their main focus is currently on driving the vita forward and getting more platform exclusives out for the PS3 and PS Vita, such as The Last of Us from Naughty Dog, creators of the uncharted series. As well as this week’s big announcement, God of War: Ascension, there is going to be plenty to talk about and play at the Sony booths!

To round up, Expect lots of games and software updates but the only major hardware update is coming from Nintendo with the Wii U. Xbox 360, PS Vita and PS3 will be getting a hammering of new titles and it’s definitely going to be as exciting as ever! Oh an in case you’re wondering... Valve probably won’t even show up.

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