All Ears: Sony recommends using headphones for tomorrow's PS5 event to hear ‘cool audio work’

After postponing its ‘Future of Gaming event’ from last week due to the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter movement, tonight will finally see Sony’s re-scheduled show go ahead at 9pm BST. We’ve been told to expect first looks of PlayStation 5 launch games, but the platform holder has also made clear that it’ll be a show worth listening – as well as watching – to closely.

In an official post published on the PlayStation Blog earlier this week Sid Shuman recommended: “There’s some cool audio work in the show, and it might be harder to appreciate if it’s pumped through your phone or laptop speakers.” This is in line with the fact that 3D Audio is set to play a major part of the next console generation, alongside visual flourishes like 4K resolution graphics and higher frame rates.

Tonight’s event will be a pre-recorded livestream, broadcasting at 1080p at 30 frames per second due to the worldwide internet strain. This might come as disappointing news to those wanting to witness these reveals in the best quality possible,but the blog post went on to state, “during a time when many of our team and developers are working from home” this was the best option to run a smooth show.

What PS5 games are you most looking forward to seeing? The PS5 event will take place tonight at 21.00 British Standard Time. So there’s not much longer to wait!

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