U.S Retailer leaks details on Batman Collection

By Ben Malkin | | 883 |

Rumours of Batman Collection have been around for a while now, but it seems like they have finally been verified when U.S retailer, Gamestop, leaked the following listing:

Batman collection leaked listing

To further verify the rumours, PEGI has given a PEGI 16 rating to Return to Arkham – Arkham Asylum. The original was also rated PEGI 16.

Whether the leak was unintentional or a clever marketing ploy remains to be seen, but details show that the Batman Collection will be released on PS4 and Xbox One but won’t include Arkham Origins; which makes sense as this was the only game in the series not developed by Rocksteady.

While the leak shows that pre-orders go live today, nothing official has yet been announced.

Ben Malkin