TheHut offering cheapest XBOX 360 Elite Bundle

By Tom Stowe

TheHut XBOX 360 Elite Deal

If your looking for a bargain bundle for the XBOX 360 Elite this christmas, TheHut have a great offer on for under £179.93! Also, as with all orders with TheHut, delivery is Free!

The deal includes the XBOX 360 Elite console, Bioshock and a FREE hdmi cable! With most retailers selling the console for around £189.99 without a game - this makes this deal an absolute bargain!

If your unsure about whether Bioshock is the game for you, here's a snippet of the Eurogammer review ...

The thing that strikes you instantly about BioShock and Rapture as a place is the stunning atmosphere it manages to conjure - it really is quite unlike anything else in the way Irrational has managed to immerse your senses in a way you always hoped a 'proper' next generation title would. If you were looking for a reason to invest in a high end AV set-up, then this is definitely it. It justifies every last penny you can throw at it, because it's no exaggeration to report that not only does BioShock boast the most staggeringly beautiful environments you've ever lain eyes on in a videogame, but adds infinite depth to them through the absolutely astonishingly well-crafted audio that accompanies the experience.

You can read the full review here

For only £179.93! this is a great offer for the XBOX 360! Why not click the link below and get your console ordered before the christmas rush!

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