The Switch has officially become Nintendo’s second best-selling console in US history

The newest batch of NPD statistics demonstrates that Nintendo’s wildly successful hybrid console has reached yet another impressive milestone early on in 2021. No doubt aided by the rampant increase in demand last year due to constraints surrounding COVID-19, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the Nintendo DS’ “total lifetime dollar sales” to become the second best-selling console ever in the platform holder’s history. No wonder it’s still tough to find one!

This news comes not long after Bloomberg’s recent report just a few weeks ago, which seemingly confirmed that a 4K-ready iteration of the console with a bigger OLED screen will launch later on this year. This mid-generation upgrade could be enough to see the Nintendo Switch eventually zoom to the top, with the Wii is now the only remaining Nintendo console left for the Switch to outpace. As it stands, the Nintendo Switch is currently the 7th best-selling hardware platform ever in the USA and the second best-selling Nintendo console ever.

Similar to the situation with PS5 stock currently occurring, the standard model Nintendo Switch that launched in 2017 is so popular that most are selling at cost – and without necessarily being paired up with a game as part of a bundle. The Nintendo Switch Lite, on the other hand, is much more plentiful on UK store shelves, but it’s limited flexibility hasn’t seen it gel quite as well as with the traditional, dockable Nintendo Switch SKU.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to release during 2021’s holiday season, as mentioned earlier, which may be enough to eventually see it knock the Nintendo Wii off the top spot. Before that Nintendo needs to ensure that they’ll be able to create enough stock to meet the expected demand. Until then, the sky very much still appears to be the limit for the Nintendo Switch platform.

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