The Steam Box

By Tom | | 764 |

Gaming giant Valve may well be getting involved in the console side of gaming. The creators of some of the most iconic games including Half Life, Portal and Counter Strike are reportedly working on a piece of hardware that may well be announced this year.

It is presumed that the “Steam box”, as it has been called, will integrate with the Steam distribution programme that is available on PC’s. Steam would create a store that the current competitors, Xbox and PS3 would have trouble keeping up with. The steam client for PCs is the most used digital store front and is widely acknowledged.

Valve filed a patent last year for a proprietary controller that would let you swap out components depending on what game you were playing. Valve also admitted to working a lot with biometrics in games and Gabe Newell did confirm that the company was looking into the hardware space quoted saying “Well, if we have to sell hardware we will.”

Verge, where the story originated from said that the device will make use of steams “big picture” mode what was shown off at last year’s GDC and will allow users to enjoy steam on there TV Sets. Sounds like a console to me! It was also said that the valve were not trying to compete with the current gaming consoles but instead its real competition was with apple.

Just a Rumour

With no confirmation this is still just a rumour. But valve has been very quiet over the last few years with regards to ground breaking technology or games, apart from portal 2 perhaps. But E3 this year is a perfect platform for valve to make a big announcement. We will keep you updated on any rumours in the future!

In other News the rumours surrounding Xbox 720 and PS4 being released this year or at least being shown at June E3 has been smashed into the ground by both companies respectively and have said the current generation of consoles still have some juice left in the tank.