The new OLED Nintendo Switch model has been announced, and it’s releasing this October

After multiple rumours doing the rounds and rampant speculation, Nintendo has finally unveiled what players can expect from its highly anticipated “Switch Pro” console model. It’s officially known as the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, and features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen that is capable of displaying colours more vividly than before.

Nintendo went into details about the Nintendo Switch OLED Model over on its official website, revealing that UK players can expect to pick one up as early as this October 8th. The main difference between this and the standard Switch is obviously the switch from LCD to OLED screen, but the surrounding bezel has also been significantly reduced. Playing games on the go will now feel much more immersive.

Also new is a wide-set stand around the back, a dedicated wired LAN port that should result in more stable online connections, and a hefty 64GB of internal storage. Don’t worry if that’s still not enough, though, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model can still be expanded via MicroSD. Another big change is the front-facing onboard speakers. Whereas the standard model Nintendo Switch has one at the back, now players will be able to enjoy enhanced audio pointing right at them.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is available in two different colourways at launch on October 8th. One is the classic Neon Red/Blue colour SKU, but the much swankier looking is White. This never-before-seen shade covers both the dock and Joy-Cons, ensuring that players stay cool, calm and collected when playing their favourite Nintendo games.

Pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model now: 

Pre-orders for both the Neon and White Nintendo Switch OLED Model colourways are now LIVE! over at GAME. Be sure to secure yours below.

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