A Tale of Two Gamers: Pokemon Red/Blue Challenge

In honour of the imminent release of Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon, a challenge has been thrown down between the Console Deals team in a classic Pokémon grudge match to end them all.

Day-by-day Diary

What's going on?

The game of choice? Pokémon Red or Blue. The combatants? Console Deals residents Gaz & Nat.

Each has 5 days to amass as strong a team of Pokémon as possible before a final showdown in what could potentially be the greatest grudge match in Pokémon history (it won't be, neither have played Red or Blue before and Gaz has zero idea what he's doing).

We'll be featuring the activities of both via their daily diaries, here on the blog, as they traverse the kingdom of Kanto attempting to accrue a team. The prize is pride, and more importantly, office bragging rights.

The rules

To keep things interesting, there are some ground rules...

  1. Each player can only play for a maximum of 5 days
  2. Each player can only play for 30 minutes per day
  3. Each player can only use 5 Poké Ball's in total. That's right... if they miss a throw, its tough luck and could be curtains on their attempt to be crowned in house champion.

With the rules laid out, let battle commence!

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