The Biggest New Video Games of March 2016

By Tom Stowe

2016 is hitting its stride now. March has big names like Pokemon, Hitman and Tom Clancy, long overdue remakes like Day of the Tentacle, and something for every platform.

Here's our round-up of the month's biggest new games. Which are you buying?

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U, 4th March 2016)

With the real Zelda Wii U delayed, you could do a lot worse than play Twilight Princess in HD with tidied up graphics - and none of the Wii version's waggle.

It borrows a lot from Ocarina of Time, which is obviously a good thing. With it's new gameplay refinements (i.e. fewer boring fetch quests) this should be the best version of the game by far.

Tom Clancy's The Division (PS4, XBO, PC, 8th March 2016)

The Division is something new. A stealth action game with deep RPG elements, you'll be taking part in team raids one minute and then looting and crafting the next.

It's been compared to Destiny, but it takes place in a realistic, post-disaster New York. And it's visually stunning.

Hitman Intro Pack (PS4, XBO, PC, 11th March)

Apart from looking pretty and apparently restoring the fun gameplay of the series pre-Absolution entries, the new Hitman also adds some interesting "live" elements. Like special, limited-time assassination targets and PvP challenges.

Oh, and it's episodic. Which means we're only getting part of the game now, but it's cheap enough to be worth a punt if you like the sound of it.

Pokken Tournament (Wii U, 18th March 2016)

A cross between Tekken and Pokemon sounded like a very unlikely thing before the arcade version was announced back in 2014. But here 's Pokken Tournament, arriving to save Wii U owners from a long drought of new games.

And it looks pretty good! There's a pretty good choice of Pokemon to play as, from Lucario to Pikachu Libre, and the game system seems to be fairly original too. This is no straight Tekken clone.

Other new games coming March 2016

That's not all gamers have to look forward to this month. Look out for:

Enjoy March gaming!