The best No Man’s Sky photos so far

On 10th August, 2016

The 18 quintillion procedurally-generated planets in No Man’s Sky are all unique. So even if 10 million people play it, they’ll probably all visit different places.

That makes the game’s photo mode pretty exciting – you could capture a scene nobody has ever seen before, or will again. And No Man’s Sky’s sci-fi book cover visuals make it even better.

The game is only just out, but players are already sharing amazing shots online. Here are some of the most interesting.

Don’t forget to share your own photos from the game in the comments or tweet them to us @consoledeals – we’ll add the best to this gallery with your credit.

No Man’s Sky photo gallery

Floating Tree

No Mans Sky Floating Tree

This shot by NeoGAF user Covfan is interesting because it shows the limitations of the NMS’s procedurally-generated worlds. Check out the floating tree on the hill in the background.

Ummmm, yeah

No Mans Sky Dodgy Landscape

This shot by Reddit user Squirted – actually an off-TV photo – shows the, uh… diversity of the plant-life discoverable in No Man’s Sky.


No Mans Sky Violessa

Imgur user SWJS1 has discovered a trippy planet in a purple haze with crazy-looking green dinosaur things. “I called it Violessa”, they say.

Purple Haze, Purple Haze

No Mans Sky Purple Haze

Another shot of the Purple Haze landscape.

Mr Blobby

No Mans Sky Mr Blobby

Not all of No Man’s Sky’s alien creatures are strangely beautiful – some are just downright strange, as discovered by Reddit user Ink_for_blood. We are calling this guy Mr Blobby.

Black Hole

No Mans Sky Black Hole

Let’s not forget No Man’s Sky’s space voyages and battles. It even has black holes, as discovered by NeoGAF user idonteven.

Planet on a Cob

No Mans Sky Cob Planet

Reddit user smeg0rz shared this shot of a landscape so beautiful, you probably wouldn't mind visiting for a holiday!

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