Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch bundle confirmed

August was Microsoft's month to inundate us with bundle announcements, and this month it's Nintendo's turn. Hot on the heels of the announcement that we're getting two new Switch limited edition Pokemon bundles, Nintendo last night confirmed a much-rumoured Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch bundle.

We previously covered a supposed leak of the bundle, and looking back, it appears to have been extremely accurate.

As with the Pokemon bundle, the Smash bundle comes with a Switch console and a digital copy of the game. Completionists will be pleased to see that the console is also bespoke.

Though it does feature the classic grey Joy-Cons, they feature a decal that, when held together, forms the Smash Bros logo. Meanwhile, the logo features some nice greyscale decals of some of the game's most famous faces.

The bundle will be launching alongside the game on December the 7th. With the paid-for Switch online service launching this month, and Smash's big appeal being competitive play, it's interesting that Nintendo have yet to mention whether the bundle comes with any sort of trial subscription.

One downside of the bundle is that, for those super Smash fans who are determined to get as much mileage from the game as possible, buying the previously announced Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition bundle will mean owning two copies of the game. The Ultimate limited edition contains the game, a Gamecube controller and Switch adaptor with which to play.

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