SSX Released Today

By Tom Stowe

Today, EA releases its much anticipated SSX on PS3 and XBOX 360, the latest in a 12 year old series of the snowboarding video games. The game has been totally refined and the HD graphics are quite breath taking and poses the question if we have yet got the most out of our current gen consoles.

The new SSX is set across nine mountains where each mountain has different challenges to be completed before moving onto the next mountain. With three types of level including races, tricks and survive it sticks to its roots and provides endless re-playability and fun. The story follows a group of nine boarders, some old school faces and some new characters to. as you tackle each mountain you work your way to the final challenge where you need to purchase special equipment to help overcome some of the problem whether it be a wing-suit to sky dive or a headlamp for tunnels and caves.

The game is incredibly fun but the lack of multiplayer is a major flaw, the current interaction between players is leaderboards and to chases your friends ghosts in an attempt to beat there best run.

You can pick up SSX for £37.47 from on both XBOX 360 and PS3.
if you haven't got yourself a console that can play the game but are desperate for some crazy SSX fun then gamestation have solved your problem!

Tell us what you think of SSX, does it keep to its roots? Or are the changes to significant from the old school "what the?!" to vast to be another in the series?

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