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Nintendo have made no secret of how much stock they’re putting into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which comes out in December. Reputed to be possibly the final major entry in the series, with questions about where the fighting game – which boasts 65 characters and 103 stages – can possibly go after this, Ultimate is going to be one of the big Christmas releases this year.

We’ve already brought you the news that we’ll be getting a special edition of the game that comes with a Gamecube controller and an adaptor, designed for die-hard fans of the series. Over the weekend, we got news of the next tie-in with Smash, in the form of a new, special edition Pro Controller.

However, it appears that Nintendo aren’t done yet.

It’s been quite a while since we had any kind of console + game bundle for the Switch. In fact, we’ve only had two here in the EU – Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey. While this isn’t exactly unusual for a new console, we’re overdue a new bundle, and it appears we may be getting one for Smash Bros.

Per Hamster-Joueur, a leaked screenshot – apparently from the website of French retailer Carrefour – appears to show a Smash-themed Switch bundle.

The Odyssey and Splatoon bundles we’ve had so far in Europe both came with special Joy-Cons, and that appears to be the case with this bundle too. From the small box image, it looks like predominantly grey Switch, but with special decals. The Joy-Con pair, when together, form the Smash logo, which also features in a similar fashion on the confirmed Pro Controller.

Meanwhile, the dock also has decals either side of the central Switch logo. Though it’s hard to see what these decals depict, what looks like Mario can be seen to the left of the Switch logo, so it could be a selection of Smash’s characters.

While we naturally take all rumours and leaks with a pinch of salt, this one seems fairly believable. With the game and Gamecube controller pack and the Pro Controller already announced, at this stage it would be a bigger surprise if Nintendo didn’t release a Switch-Smash bundle than if they did. The image appears voracious, and with no obvious source claiming credit, it would have represented a lot of work for very little credit if it is indeed fake.

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