Sony Playstation Vita

By Tom Stowe


Sony had a lot to show off at E3 this week where they unveiled their new hand held console on Monday, named the Playstation Vita. Why Vita? Vita is Latin for life and this new console looks likes its going to be eating lots of your "vita".

The PSVita is packed with awesome features including a multi-touch 5-inch OLED display, Motion sensors, Touchscreen on the rear, 3G and Wi-fi, Rear and Front Cameras, duel quad-core processors and a digital compass! making it the most technologically advanced handheld to date. Its an absolute beauty to look at also with its slim and sleek design and matt black finish. Reports tell us that the PSVita is much lighter than it appears with comfortable Analogue Sticks if not a little awkward to hold without touching the rear touch screen, plus ports for USB / Networking Cables and a Flash Card slot.

one of the most impressive things about the PSVita is the display, the visuals are unbelievable for such a compact hand held device, and combined with its dual touchscreens its going to provide some great gaming moments.

Games For Launch?

One thing that the Sony PSP was criticised for was its lack of memorable games and content, Sony However have promised to deliver better titles for the PSVita. Some of the Games planned for launch or just after include:

Uncharted:Golden Abyss

A PSVita exclusive from the Uncharted series was demonstrated on Monday showing off the Vita's variety of controls. Using the Touchscreen to perform Stealth attacks and platforming. The Shooting and action make use of the dual analog sticks and triggers.


An Intense Social active Role-Playing Game where you can complete quests, collect treasure sharing with friends or taking down rival lairs . Ruin is a cross-platform title between your PS3 And Vita you can save on one and resume on the other.

More titles include LittleBigPlanet, HotShots Golf, Wipeout, Little Deviants, Gravity, ModNation Racers and An excluse Bioshock game.

Prices look to be around the £279.99 for the 3G version, and the Wi-Fi Version for £229.99, Difficult to see if Sony will actually be making any profit on the sales of the console itself. Its Coming out This Fall be sure to check back on

Tell us what games you would like to see on the PSVita!
Do you think the current price looks fair?