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Good Bye PSP Go, Hello Sony NGP!

Sony has confirmed that the PSP go has been discontinued and all efforts are on the development of the NGP console. The NGP was announced on January 27th this year and sure to be on a great number of Christmas lists this year when it is released at the end of the year.

Whats the difference?

Well UMDs have been scrapped and a new format called NVGs have been introduced. NVGs are flash card devices which games will be downloaded onto from the NGP.

Look and Style
The new Handheld machine boasts a massive 5-Inch 960×544 OLED screen, Touch-sensitive back pad, Dual Analogue sticks, front and rear camera, an improved HD display, microphone. The most fascinating of these is the Touch-sensitive back pad. Using this you will be able to control actions on the screen without worrying about your porky fingers covering the screen or leaving fingerprints on your new 5 inch OLED screen.

There will be Wi-fi, Bluetooth connectivity and a more expensive version that will have in-built 3G.
Sony have introduced a new feature called “Livearea” which allows a user to connect with friends, social networks and access to the playstation network store and browser almost anywhere.
Ubisoft estimated that prices were to be around $350 for the built-in 3G Wireless radio and $250 for the NGP without 3G . There are a number of big games in development for release also including: Uncharted Portable, Killzone, Call of duty.

Visit CNET for more information on the NGP.

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