Sony announce the PS3 Super Slim!

By Tom | | 717 |

Over the last couple of months there have been various rumours regarding a new slim version of the Playstation 3. Today it was finally officially announced!

Meet the new PS3 Super Slim:


The super slim is half the weight and volume of the original machine and will arrive in two flavours: one with a 500GB hard drive, which launches on 28 September, and the other, a budget version, arriving on 12 October with a 12GB flash memory.

It still looks slick and will include the excellent Blu-ray DVD drive for HD movies and games. The new console will still output the same graphics capabilities as its predecessor, the only difference being the hard drive size.

PS3 owners have been asking Sony for external hard drive support and this will finally be integrated with the 12GB flash version of the system.

Like Nintendo, Sony will allow stores to set the retail price for the new super slim consoles. However, the 500GB model is expected to match the current 320GB model (around £310), while the 12GB option, which is exclusive to Europe, should come in at the same price as the 160GB machine (£189-199).

Sony have planned to release a FIFA 13 bundle which will surely be a popular hit this Christmas!

Sony announced the new machines at its press conference proceeding the Tokyo Game Show on Tuesday night. will be updating there website shortly with the latest deals and bundles available for the PS3 Super Slim