Nintendo announce Smash Bros Ultimate bundle

By Matt Clough | | 1328 |

The coming few months promise to be interesting ones for the gaming world. With no new hardware expected before the end of the world, it’s down to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to let their games do the talking. All three have some major exclusive titles landing. For Nintendo, one of those titles is Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

In a Nintendo Direct earlier today, Smash Bros’ director Masahiro Sakurai revealed further details about the latest installment in the enormously popular fighting series. You can watch the direct below:

With Ultimate boasting an incredible roster of characters, more than 100 unique stages and numerous game modes, it’s set to be the biggest and best Smash Bros ever. And with that in mind, it’s only fitting that we should get a bundle to celebrate!

Following the Direct, Nintendo announced that they’d also be launching a special new bundle with the game. We have been expecting to see a bundle combining the Switch with the game (and we still wouldn’t be surprised if we get one). However, the legendary Japanese gaming has thrown us a bit of a curveball with this package.
As well as the game, players will get a GameCube controller – long the favoured way of playing by professional players at Smash tournaments – and an adapter to use the controller with the Switch. GameCube controllers have been becoming increasingly scarce of late, so the news will cause for celebration for serious Smash players.
Interestingly, the controller is truly a GameCube one – hence the need for an adaptor – and has been in no way modified for the Switch. It’s also not wireless, which is a bit of a shame.
This bundle could also have wider implications for future Switch releases – specifically, backwards compatible titles from the GameCube era. Games like Super Mario Sunshine have been popular requests from Switch owners, but issues surrounding controls on the Joy-Cons were seen as a roadblock. Now, that block may have just been cleared.

Matt Clough

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