Red Faction: Battlegrounds – xbox 360 and PS3 deals

By Tom | | 586 |

Gaming company THQ has announced it will be releasing a downloadable motor-vehicle combat game called Red Faction: Battlegrounds.

The game, in which players perform battles between robots and outer-space tanks, allows users to choose to control a variety of different vehicles, including fast-attack vehicles, heavy tanks and combat walkers, enabling them to cause havoc above ground and beneath the surface of Mars.

As with all games in the Red Faction Universe, players can destroy anything that gets in there way, from army enclosures, to other players vehicles using a variety of methods and artillery!

Developed by THQ Digital Studios UK and executive produced by Volition, Inc., Red Faction: Battlegrounds pits four players either locally or online in a variety of game modes, including Survival, Annihilate and Flag Frenzy. Players rank up and are rewarded with unique bonus content that will be playable in the upcoming Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Windows PC game, Red Faction(R): Armageddon(TM).

Red Faction was available to try out at Gamescom 2010 and will be launched in March 2011.  Follow us on facebook to keep up to date with the release of Battlegrounds, and also to make sure you don’t miss out on any xbox or PS3 Battlegrounds bundles