Unofficial PS5 faceplates are already a thing, thanks to this third-party manufacturer

The PlayStation 5’s UK release is now less than a month away, which has seemingly inspired some third-party accessories manufacturers to make a play for people’s money. The seller in question is the aptly named PlateStation 5, who has already begun listing unofficial customizable faceplates for use with Sony’s upcoming next-gen console.

Available colours on the PlateStation 5 website include Cherry Red, Chromatic Silver, Indigo Blue and even a rather slick-looking Matte Black option. These faceplate designs are an obvious to response to the official PlayStation 5 teardown video released late last month, which indeed confirmed that players would be able to customize how their console looks (on the inside and out) in the near future. We still don’t know whether this is how Sony will handle PS5 limited editions in the future, but it’s definitely a potential route.

For now, personalizing your PlayStation 5 at launch means trusting unofficial third-party sellers like PlateStation 5. This company is at least based in the UK, meaning that each of the PS5 faceplates are releatively inexpensive at just £32 a pop – that includes the Matt Black design highlighted as being “Limited Edition”.

The faceplates themselves are constructed in line with the official console dimensions published by Sony, with testing set to begin as soon as PlateStation 5 has a unit. Worldwide shipping is free for the time being, with units scheduled to release within two weeks of the next-gen PS5 hitting store shelves in the United Kingdom.

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