PS4 Pro Tekken 7 bundle announced, hints at possible price wars

By Matt Clough | | 1990 |

With the console gaming community eagerly awaiting the upcoming battle between Sony’s PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s yet-to-be-released Project Scorpio, speculation is rife as to which company will blink first in terms of price.

The PS4 Pro launched last November with an RRP of £349.99, a price which – unsurprisingly – hasn’t really budged yet. The Pro and the Scorpio are both targeted towards the dedicated gamer, with enhanced internals and graphical capability the core selling points of the two systems compared to their base models, the PS4 Slim and the Xbox One S. As you’d expect, one of the major questions surrounding the Scorpio, which Microsoft have claimed to be the most powerful console ever, is the price. Price rumours have ranged from £400 up to a huge £700 if Microsoft are determined to give the device a price point that demonstrates the system’s incredible power.

All of this has sparked much speculation as to what Sony will do with the PlayStation 4 Pro’s price. If estimates of the Scorpio’s price come to fruition and it retails above the £349.99 RRP of the Pro, then there’s a possibility that they won’t do anything. However, today’s news suggests that may well not prove to be the case.

Sony have announced a PS4 Pro bundle with Tekken 7 (Deluxe Edition) to launch June 2nd (Tekken’s release date). As of yet, there’s no confirmed price for the bundle. This is potentially significant, as it’s the first time that Sony have offered an integrated console-game bundle with the Pro. Previously, the PS4 Pro had only been sold solus. Integrated bundles such as this one not only incentivise gamers to buy through the addition of a new game, but also often represent a decent saving when compared to buying the console and the game separately.

So what does this all mean?

Firstly, it’s an indication that Sony aren’t afraid to discount the Pro, even indirectly via a bundle. While Sony would want to keep the price high in order to demonstrate the console’s ability to compete with the Scorpio (after all, if one console was £300 and the other £500, you’d naturally assume the second was better than the first), they will also know that even a slight price drop could sway a large number of gamers away from the Scorpio.

Second, we can almost definitely expect more bundles throughout the year with the Pro. Tekken 7 is a multi-platform game (albeit from a franchise with a long association with PlayStation), so don’t be surprised to see certain other games like the upcoming exclusives Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy getting the same treatment.

With the Scorpio set to release before the discount-heavy period of Black Friday and the run-up to Christmas, it’ll be fascinating to see whether Sony maintain the Pro’s price to protect its claim to the console throne or whether they’re willing to drop the price to undercut the Scorpio. Remember to keep an eye on our PS4 page for all the latest bundles.

Matt Clough

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