Could we be getting a special PS4 Pro – FIFA 18 bundle?

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Update: 2 days after this post went live, Sony confirmed they have indeed taken the marketing rights to FIFA from Microsoft, and have announced a range of PS4 – FIFA 18 bundles including, as we predicted below, a PS4 Pro – FIFA 18 bundle. The official box art can be seen above, with our predicted mock-up below.

The integrated Xbox One S – FIFA 17 bundle has been one of our most successful products this year, with thousands of you taking the opportunity to pick up the revised edition of Microsoft’s Xbox One console with EA’s latest football simulation offering.

However, as we must do every year, it’s coming time to say goodbye to FIFA 17 and begin looking forward to the updated version. As well as boasting completely updated squads, kits and team standings, FIFA 18 promises to introduce a variety of gameplay enhancements in the quest to make it the best football game available.

Alongside the natural excitement for the new FIFA, there’s plenty of buzz about the upcoming Xbox One X console. While an Xbox One X – FIFA 18 bundle may seem like a match made in heaven, it almost certainly won’t be happening.

Reports suggest that Sony have wrested the marketing rights to the FIFA series from Microsoft for 18. This means that we’re far more likely to see an integrated FIFA 18 – PS4 Pro bundle, designed to show off the One X rival’s capabilities, despite the Pro being a year older than the One X.

So far, PS4 Pro integrated bundles have been thin on the ground. However, Sony recently announced a Destiny 2 bundle, and should the aforementioned reports prove correct, it would make a lot of sense for them to package the Pro with one of the year’s most in-demand titles just before the Pro’s main competitor launches.

With all this in mind, here’s what we think the Pro – FIFA 18 special edition bundle could look like:

FIFA 18 PS4 Pro BundleFIFA 18 will be released on 27th September. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep an eye on our PS4, Xbox One and FIFA 18 pages for all the best deals out there!

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