PS4 Beating Xbox One in Pre-Order Battle!

By Tom | | 1281 |

With just a few weeks to go until the PlayStation 4 launch and Xbox One launch we’ve been keeping a close eye on just what it is you’ve been pre-ordering and thought you might be interested too!

Figures are from since Xbox One and PS4 were available to pre-order.

We have taken twice as many pre-orders for PlayStation 4 than the Xbox One. PlayStation 4 pre-orders account for 25% of our console sales compared to Xbox One accounting for only 12% of console sales.

Perhaps the price difference in the consoles is swaying people towards the PS4. Or maybe this is what Microsoft get for upsetting the community with their planned DRM and Non Used games market. (Both decision were reverted luckily!)

We only have a few weeks to find out which console will be on top! I still haven’t reached a decision on which to get. For me it’s going to be a play on both, see which I prefer!