PS3 Super Slim Leaked

By On 6th July, 2012

The PS3 already has a slim version, so to keep sales clocking what could Sony possibly do? I know! Make it even slimmer!

This comes from a recent filing with the FCC and is set to be officialy announced fairly soon, some suggesting as soon as Gamescon in August. The document detailed a model named the CECH-4001x as opposed to the current 3000 series Playstation 3. The 4000 model number might cause the optimistic people amongst us to pray that it is referencing a playstation 4. Below is the picture that was filed

So apart from being even slimmer than the Playstation 3 slim we have noticed the label has been moved! I’m afraid that’s all anybody has worked out so far but if anything else is revealed we let you know!

Tom Stowe

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