PS3 Slim hits the stores!

By Tom | | 750 |

The much anticipated PS3 Slim hit the stores on the 1st September. The Slim is 32% smaller, 36% lighter and consumes 34% less power than the original Playstation 3, Sony have also dropped the new slim console around £30 compared to the bulky original.

The announcement of the PS3 slim was made on the 18th August and Pre-orders for the console were priced at around £250.

Zavvi are currently are offering the best deal right now. You can pick up the PS3 Slim with a free game (Call of Juarez) and Blu-Ray DVD (Basic Instinct) for £249.95, a cracking deal considering the price for the original Playstation 3 was around £275 just for the console. View this Deal.

If you are looking for the cheapest deal, Gameplay are offering the PS3 slim for £229.99 but does not include any bundled games. View this Offer

Take a look at’s PS3 Slim Deals page for the latest bundles and offers for the Playstation 3 Slim.