PS Vita Innovative Apps

By Tom Stowe

The PS Vita is an engineering masterpiece, it has tons of features packed into the handheld including high quality graphics, dual touch screens, dual analogue sticks and plenty more, however Sony believes that the big hitter with the Vita is the downloadable applications. Hence this week three new PS Vita Apps have been revealed with the sole purpose of creating exciting and Innovative games.


Imaginstruments is a means of creation music on your Vita by offering a number of instruments to create the next Mozart symphony. When you are content with your music you can share it directly with your friends but prepare for a thorough lashing. The game is designed to use the multiple inputs of the vita so it might be playing the drums on the rear touch pad or strumming the guitar on the front touch screen.

Travel Bug

Travel bug is a quirky looking "bug" character that you are able to personalise and send on travel based missions for him to complete. The little chap can take "travel snaps" on its journey and you can follow him on an interactive map. You can also compete against friends to reach destinations first track via the "near" application technology. An interesting concept but surely just a 5 minute bit of fun?


This is an eco-system simulator where the players main aim is to build a working eco-system within a self created environment. Problems such as lack of food means you will have to feed species manually until balanced is restored for your animals and plants. Species of animals and plants can be collected and traded with friends also, it reminds me a little bit of what the first few stages of "spore" was like.

Nice to see Sony trying something new and different as opposed to just making games that look stunning but play as well as superman 64. Let us know what you think to the above apps and if there are any you would like to see come to PS Vita by leaving us a comment.

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