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Everything we know about Project Scorpio so far [Last updated April 6th]

In the on-going battle for home console supremacy, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio has loomed large in recent months. Despite being discussed at length, details about the Scorpio are still curiously thin on the ground, despite its release date now mere months away.

We’ll be updating this post as and when more information is released or credible rumours emerge, so you won’t need to go anywhere else to get the full low down on the Scorpio.

Here’s a full FAQ breakdown covering everything we know about the Scorpio:

  • Is the Scorpio a new console? Not exactly. The Scorpio will be an update on the Xbox One S, with enhanced specs. It won’t play new games, but some games may come with enhanced Scorpio-ready features.
  • When will the Scorpio be released? The only firm date we’ve got so far is “Holiday 2016”. Expect it to launch before the end of November when the Black Friday rush happens.
  • What can the Scorpio do that the Xbox One S can’t? The core difference between the Scorpio and the current Xbox One S is 4K capability. The One S has a Blu-ray player capable of outputting 4K resolution. However, it crucially cannot play games in 4K. The Scorpio will be able to.
  • Is the Project Scorpio name the final name? In all likelihood, no. Microsoft are expected to bring the official name of the console in like with the existing Xbox One branding.
  • How much will the Scorpio cost? We don’t know. The PS4 Pro – the Scorpio’s closest competitor – currently retails for over £300. However, some estimates have suggested that a price tag of around $700, or £550, is possible. Other speculation is of a more modest price point around $499 or about £400. Based on past consoles, the dollar price and pound sterling are often the same, so this may translate to £500.
  • I have an Xbox One – will I need new controllers for the Scorpio? No, all existing controllers will work with the new system.
  • Is the Scorpio replacing the Xbox One S? No. Instead, it will sit alongside the One S as the premium version, much like the PS4 Pro does with the less expensive PS4 Slim.
  • Will the Scorpio make my existing Xbox One games better? Microsoft have said that Xbox One games will run faster and smoother (thanks to frame rate improvements), with quicker loading times. Some games are likely to get dedicated patches to unlock a 4K capability that the Scorpio can utilise.