PlayStation Network Restored

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Playstation Network on the Brink of Restoration

Playstation network at the brink
Its been almost a month since Hackers caused the complete shut down of the PlayStation Network and numerous problems for Sony. On the 15th of May Sony started back up several features on the Playstation Network throughout Europe and North America.
All it takes is a small 25mb update, then a new password for your PSN account. Services that are currently online include Online gaming, Playstation Home, BBC Iplayer, Lovefilm, Netflix, Qricoty and other subscription services.

Sony have also promised a “Welcome Back” package for playstation network customers from before 20th of April including 2 choices of these selected games:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • InFamous
  • Wipeout
  • Ratchet & Clank:Quest For Booty
  • Dead Nation

Also 30 Days Free access to PlayStation Plus and for anybody already subscribed to PlayStation plus subscribers will receive 60 days free of charge. Be Sure to check the Sony for a full list and how to get these goodies when the PlayStation Store comes back online
In Japan however the playstation network is still to go back online as the Government are blocking a relaunch until sony satisfies regulators that it has improved its security controls.
A fairly Generous offering? Well, free stuff is always great but an aged selection of games as compensation for millions of credit card details stolen? Some PlayStation Customers are calling this an insult. Here at we’re just glad the PlayStation network is back online so we can get back to some hardcore gaming!