Playstation Move Review

By Tom | | 614 |

Although the Nintendo Wii has four years on the Playstation Move in terms of technology, it’s still a major leap forward into the advancement of motion sensitive technology. With its new set of peripherals ,coupled with a surprisingly precise controls and current generation graphics, the Playstation 3 really does show the Nintendo Wii fans what they’re missing out on.

Sony’s combination of wireless controllers coupled with a video camera allows for near 1:1 movement within a 3D space, far superior technology to that of the Nintendo Wii. Whilst using a Move controller, your on screen wand, tennis racquet  or sword,  will precisely match your every move with near zero lag.

However, although the Playstation Move may carry the concept of motion gaming into a more adult context, the peripherals themselves aren’t exactly cutting edge. With the controllers looking more like a toy ice cream cone, although comfortable to grip, the glowing orb at the top is sure to have the neighbours wondering what on earth you’re getting up to in your front room.  When holding the controller your index finger curls around a trigger – used in a multitude of games for simulating the picking up of a specific object – with your thumbs resting  on a ring of buttons that control extra commands. The layout does take a little getting used to but shouldn’t take you any longer to figure out that when you first picked up a PS3 controller.

Although Sony have mastered the feeling of motion control, if the camera ever loses sight of the individual the continuity of the game play is compromised, losing the illusion for the player. This won’t be such a problem for most, since games don’t  include any behind the back tricks, but small living rooms may restrict the Move. Sony recommends that the player stand at least eight feet away from the camera, any closer and you’ll quickly drop out of frame.