Playstation Move deals a blow to the competition

By Tom | | 497 |

Since its September 17th launch, the PS3 Move has proved a runaway success. To date Sony has shipped over a million units of its answer to the Nintendo Wii within America alone. Jack Tretton, Boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America is aware that demand has far exceeded expectations, with all orders not expected to be filled until February next year.

Any gaming advancement is never a bad thing within the industry, and with the PS3 Move proving a bigger success that even Sony might have imagined; they’re now under pressure to release more titles to convince some of the more sceptical gaming fanatics that it really is a serious contender to the Nintendo Wii. Sony have started its assault by teaming together with AAA franchises, the name behind smash hit title LittleBigPlanet and the award-winning  KillZone series.  Coupled with the fact that it’s also relatively easy to add Move support to existing PS3 titles, it’s well on its way to achieving its ambitious goal.

Next in line to rival both the Nintendo Wii and PS3 Move is the much anticipated Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. This, unlike the Move, which quite obviously was inspired by the Wii controls, relies on its motion sensing through the use of cameras.

With three gaming giants vying for this Christmas’ gaming console crown it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top.