PlayStation details which PS4 accessories will work with PS5

See! Mondays don’t need to be unexciting at all, especially when you can rely on Sony to reveal some further news about PlayStation 5. This came earlier today via a post over on the PlayStation Blog, which detailed to what degree officially licensed PS4 peripherals would be compatible with PS5 going forward – and it’s not all good news.

First off, let’s get the negative stuff out of the way: The main takeaway from this blog is that that Dualshock 4 will work with PS5 but not with PS5 games, only with PS4 titles played through backwards compatibility. Justifying this risky move PlayStation representative Isabelle Tomatis expressed, “we believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller”.

In lighter news, however, while the post did mention that “not all PlayStation officially licensed or third-party peripherals/accessories may work on PS5”, any officially licensed racing wheel, arcade stick or flight stick should work fine on Sony’s new platform. The same is true for PlayStation’s line of Platinum and Gold Wireless headsets, in addition to any third-party headset that connects through audio jack or USB port.

We already knew that existing PSVR headsets and PS Move Motion Controllers would be PS5 compatible, but it’s nice to have that confirmed again in today’s blog. Also confirmed today was news of a new State of Play digital presentation. All eyes will be on PlayStation on August 6th with regards to upcoming PS4 and PSVR games.

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